Monday, 25.02.2019

Today is our travel day. Eight team members are going to Kiruna, 4 of us catched a flight booked by DLR, the other 4 booked a flight by themselves. The first group of us left at 8 am heading for Düsseldorf Airport. We had a stopover at Stockholm Arlanda, which we reached on time. Our second flight to Kiruna was delayed by about 15 minutes. The others catched an ICE from Cologne to Frankfurt Airport. They had two stopovers, the first one in Stockholm, the second in Umeå. Their last flight was delayed by about 30 minutes. Arriving in Kiruna, we were surprised that we had a temperature of about 0°C and just a little bit of snow. We managed to squeeze our luggage into our rental car and drove to Esrange Space Center. We were carrying 4 boxes with equipment with us. Most of the team members of REXUS 23 arrived late in the evening, so the restaurant was closed. Due to that, we drove back to Kiruna and had a nice dinner at a Thai restaurent with one team member of DAEDALUS.