Monday, 12.03.2018

For REXUS 24, today was the big day. Early in the morning, the rocket was brought and attached to the launcher. After a couple of tests, REXUS 24 was ready to go! During that time, we were working in the Dome repairing our experiment. The deadline was set to 6 pm, so we had to keep up the speed high. In the early afternoon, the countdown for REXUS 24 proceeded to zero, so we went to the main building to have a better view of the launch. We really enjoyed what we could see, it was very impressive! Unfortunately, the launch was not nominal. Because of that, it was announced that REXUS 23 will not launched until the failure investigation is completed. The deadline was gone and we could easily finish the experiment in the evening, not knowing what to expect of the next day.

We feel very sorry for all teams that had experiments flying aboard REXUS 24. They have put so much effort in their module, and at the end, they were not able to run their experiments. We hope that you get the chance to repair your experiments and fly on another rocket!