Monday, 05.03.2018

We reached the airport on time. We could check-in and drop-off our luggage easily, even our Zarges boxes were accepted without any complaints. We had a stopover in Stockholm with one hour on the ground, but the first flight was already delayed by about 25 minutes. Luckily, we were seated in the front of our Boeing 737-700, so we could leave the plane quickly. We rushed to Terminal 4 as fast as it was possible, and we reached our gate just minutes before boarding started. There, we already met other teams as well as employees of ZARM and MORABA. During this flight, we could see the ice-covered surface of the ocean, which was very impressive, and we could also enjoy the beginning of sunset. On our arrival, we were glad that the temperature of -12°C didn’t feel as cold as -5°C do in Germany. In total, the flights worked very well and all our luggage arrived in Kiruna without any damage. We struggled to squeeze our suitcases and the Zarges boxes into our rental car, but we also mastered this challenge. After a little shopping tour at the local supermarket, we were more than happy to enjoy dinner at the restaurant at Esrange Space Center. We then proceeded to enjoy the night together with other participants of the REXUS programme.


Check out the video of our first day!