Tuesday, 29.11.2016

Wow, that was the selection workshop in Bonn. We met a couple of the other REXUS and BEXUS teams from germany and enjoyed their presentations. Some of them have really fancy ideas. Today, it was our turn. It went quite well, and we didn’t get any critical questions. The engineers would like us not to use so many LiPo batteries (so far we planned to use 1kg of them). They assured that we can get ground power until the rocket lifts off. Because of that, we can cancel the rechargeable LiPo batteries and use a smaller amount of unrechargeable Nimh batteries. Of course, we now have to design a connector for ground power supply that automatically disconnects when the rocket lifts off. Nevertheless, we went home with another very nice experience, some new friends and of course a delay of the train.

Four of us at the Selection Workshop in Bonn

All the teams at the Selection Workshop