Thursday, 03.11.2016

Dear future scientist, follower, fan or random visitor,

our team came together due to a phone call that reached our professor not too long ago. He instantly informed us during our spaceflight class about the opportunity to take part in the REXUS programme. Three hours later, we founded our team and divided us into 5 sections:

  • Structure
  • Thermal
  • Science
  • Programming and Electronics
  • PR/Outreach

Work started shortly after, and we also found some more team members. A huge amount of work is about to come, because there are only 3 weeks left until the selection workshop of DLR starts. There we have to present our experiment to a couple of engineers of ZARM, DLR, SSC and MORABA. These engineers will select the teams that are going to fly with the REXUS rocket…