Life in our solar system? Our vision is a mission to Enceladus to find that out!


We are VIPER – a team of Students building an experiment to fly aboard a REXUS Rocket. Our main goal is to research the behavior of water vapor and melting processes in environments similar to those on the icemoon Enceladus at Saturn. In the Chambers with liquid water underneath its icy shell, there are all conditions fulfilled that are essential for evidence for life.

Our project was initiated by Fabian Baader and Kai Schüller (both M.Sc. aerospace engineering), who brought together a team of 16 excited students. The team leader is Michael Bartsch.

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The successful launch of REXUS 23, the sounding rocket on which VIPER was assigned on, happened at March 4th, 2019. All systems on board of our experiment performed nominally.

Result analysis is currently going on and we’ll keep you updated as soon it is completed.